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Scott Joplin
1867 - 1917 Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. ragtime
Joe Jordan, another famous ragtime musician, said that although he never played anything other than his own pieces, he did play them well.
Antonio Carlos Jobim
1927 - 1994 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. Rakuten.. latin, songwriter, composer, arranger, singer, pianist, guitarist
A key event in making Jobim's music known in the English speaking world was his collaboration with the American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz,
George Gershwin
1898 - 1937 Amazon.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. images/Google.. classical,popular songs,broadway,jazz standards
True junk has a short shelf life. Gershwin's works remain fresh and ravishing after 60 years. ~ Steve Schwartz
Dave Grusin
1934 - Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. Hype Machine.. smooth, fusion, composer
In his soundtrack work he has forged a signature sound of largely strings- and piano-dominated, through-composed themes with a solid melodic foundation, often injecting strong jazz sensibilities and fusing pop and classical stylings.
Alan Hewitt
1969 - Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. hmv.. Deemed “one of music’s best kept secrets” by People Magazine
“…sophisticated, urban and seductive.” - Jazz Times,“This disc is the truth, the bomb…it is off the chain.” - Abyss Jazz
Quincy Jones
1933 - Wikipedia(eng).. Rakuten.. Amazon.. images/Google.. You tube.. Hype Machine.. pop, funk, soul, bigband, swing, traditional, bossa
Quoted in Musician magazine, Jones said about his ordeal, "We had the best jazz band in the planet, and yet we were literally starving. That's when I discovered that there was music, and there was the music business. If I were to survive, I would have to learn the difference between the two."
Cole Porter
1891 - 1964 Amazon.. Rakuten.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. images/Google.. one of the greatest contributors to the Great "American Songbook"
However, born to as well as married to wealth, he did not lack for money, and sat out most of the 1920s, living in luxury in Europe. Porter was not idle, though, and continued to write. Many of these songs would later be hits.
Oliver Nelson
1932 - 1975 images/Google.. Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. saxophonist, clarinetist, arranger, composer
His work ranged from small groups to big bands to orchestral ensembles and even film and television scores.

Erroll Garner
1921 - 1977 Amazon.. Rakuten.. images/Google.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. allmusic.. bop, swing, composer
I always play what I feel. I always feel like me, but I'm a different me every day. I get ideas from everything. A big color, the sound of water and wind, or a flash of something cool. Playing is like life. Either you feel it or you don't.
Lalo Schifrin
1932 - Wikipedia(fr).. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. images/Google.. Amazon.. Rakuten.. My Space.. pianist, composer
Fin des annees 50, de retour en Argentine, Schifrin travaille surtout comme musicien de jazz, avec entre autres, son compatriote Gato Barbieri.
George Russell
1923 - Amazon.. images/Google.. Wikipedia(eng).. Hype Machine.. You Tube.. third stream, composer, pianist, free, avant-garde, post-bop, modal
He is considered one of the first jazz musicians to contribute to general music theory with a theory of harmony based on Jazz rather than European music, in his 1953 book, The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization.
Raymond Scott
1908 - 1994 images/Google.. wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. Amazon.. composer, arranger, bandleader, audio engineer,inventor, electronic devices
"Raymond Scott was definitely in the forefront of developing electronic music technology, and in the forefront of using it commercially as a-musician."-Bob Moog

Chet Atkins
1942? - 1996 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. Rakuten.. Hype Machine.. country, rock and roll, folk, rockabilly
Years from now, after I'm gone, someone will listen to what I've done and know I was here. They may not know or care who I was, but they'll hear my guitars speaking for me.
Duke Pearson
1932 - 1980 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. hardbop,soul,pop,post bop,bigband,pianist
Allmusic notes him as being a "big part in shaping the Blue Note label's hard bop direction in the 1960s as a producer."
Yuji Ohno
1941 - - Wikipedia(eng).. Wikipedia(jpn).. Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. bop, composer, pianist
He is well known for his musical score in Lupin III, which began in 1977 with Shin Rupan Sansei.
Tadd Dameron
1917 - 1965 Amazon.. images/Google.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. bop,composer,arranger,bebop,post-bop,bigband
Saxophonist Dexter Gordon called Dameron the "romanticist" of the bop movement while reviewer Scott Yanow writes that Dameron was the "definitive arranger/composer of the bop era".
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