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Art Blakey
1919-1990 images/Google.. Amazon.. Rakuten.. You Tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. npr.. Hype Machine.. hardbop, bebop
"I'm gonna stay with the youngsters. When these get too old I'll get some younger ones. Keeps the mind active."
Louis Bellson
1924-2009 images/Google.. Amazon.. You tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. bigband
Duke Ellington called him "the world's greatest drummer," and that he was...member of the "BIG THREE":Louie Bellson - Gene Krupa - Buddy Rich.
Kenny Clarke
1914-1985 images/Google.. Amazon.. Rakuten.. You tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. bebop,bigband
Clarke's innovation set the stage for the development of the bebop combo, which relied heavily on improvised exchanges between drummer and soloist to propel the music forward. For this, "every drummer" Ed Thigpen said, "owes him a debt of gratitude."
Billy Cobham
1944 - images/Google.. Amazon.. Rakuten.. My Space.. You tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. Hype Machine.. fusion
Cobham is, in the words of critic Steve Huey, "generally acclaimed as fusion's greatest drummer, "and one of the best in the world" with an influential style that combines explosive power and exacting precision.
Gene Krupa
1909-1973 images/Google.. Amazon.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. swing,dixieland,bigband
His athletic drumming style, timing methods and cymbal technique evolved to fit with tastes, but he never quite fit the Be-Bop period: the Be-Bop drummers often favoured the ride cymbal, while Krupa routinely favoured the hi-hat cymbals.
Jack DeJohnette
1942 - Amazon.. Rakuten.. You Tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. fusion, post-bop
His exceptional experience of time and style, combined with astounding improvisational ingenuity, make him one of the most highly regarded and in-demand drummers.
Roy Haynes
1925 -
drummerworld.. images/Google.. Amazon.. allaboutjazz.. You tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. Hype Machine.. bebop, hardbop, funk, contemporary
“Every time I get on the bandstand, it's going to be something different. I want to do something that I've never done before.”
Lionel Hampton
1908-2002 Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. Rakuten.. You tube.. images/Google.. swing, bigband, mainstream New York blues, latin
A vibraphone he played for 15 years was put into the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

Milt Jackson
1923-1999 Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. Rakuten.. Wikipedia(jpn).. You Tube.. images/Google.. Hype Machine.. vibraphonist,hardbop,afro-cuban,modal,mainstream,post bop
His composition "Bags' Groove" is a jazz standard ("Bags" was a nickname given to him by a bass player in Detroit. "Bags" referred to the bags under his eyes from his habit of staying up all night.).
Elvin Jones
1927-2004 images/Google.. Amazon.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. Hype Machine.... Avant-garde,hardbop,mainstream,post-bop
By age two he said he knew he held a fascination for drums. He would watch the circus marching band parades go by his home as a boy, particularly fascinated by the drummers (sometimes wandering off for miles after the parade).
Philly Joe Jones
1923-1985 images/Google.. Amazon.. Wikipedia(eng).. You tube.. bebop
Miles also acknowledged that Jones was his favorite drummer (in fact, in his autobiography, Davis admitted to asking other drummers to play that "Philly Joe lick", with mixed results).
Paul Motian
1931 - 2011 images/Google.. Amazon.. You tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. npr.. one of the most influential modern drummers
Mr. Motian said, he, Evans, and the bassist Scott LaFaro decided that they wanted to ''make a music that wouldn't have a date on it -- that in the year 2000 people could listen to this music that was being made in 1959, and it might still sound fresh.''
Shelly Manne
1920-1984 Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. Hype Machine.. cool,thirdstream
Though he always insisted on the importance of time and "swing", Manne's concept of his own drumming style typically pointed to his melody-based approach.He contrasted his style with that of Max Roach: "Max plays melodically from the rhythms he plays. I play rhythms from thinking melodically".
Joe Morello
1928 -
drummerworld.. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. cool, west coast, thirdstream
“My training was basically classical snare drum technique,” Morello says. “But I used it the way I wanted to.…
19?? - images/Google.. You tube.. Wikipedia(jpn).. 和太鼓
無限 -MUGEN-とは花原京正、花原秀正、古里祐一郎3人による和太鼓のユニットです。
Dave Pike
1938 -
verve.. Amazon.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. images/Google.. a jazz vibraphone player,brazilian, latin, indian, middle eastern, funk
He has been a consistently active percussionist over the past 40-plus years, specializing in vibraphone and marimba, and has built quite an impressive resume to stand on.

Max Roach
1924 - 2007 Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. cool,thirdstream
Roach also led his own groups, and made numerous musical statements relating to the civil rights movement of African-Americans.
Poncho Sanchez
1951 - Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. images/Google.. Amazon.. Rakuten.. conga player, latin, band leader, salsa singer
"I'm just doing the things I grew up with and that I respect and really love," he adds. "It's part of my life."
Alvin Queen
1950 - Amazon.. images/Google.. You Tube.. blues, bossa nova
“I was introduced to many great jazz musicians traveling through Europe, by Jimmy Woodie, a very good friend of mine who brought me to the attention of such great people as Harry ‘Sweets’ Edison, Clark Terry, John Collins, Doc Cheatham and Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis."
Buddy Rich
1917-1987 Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. Hype Machine.. bigband
Adler said. "I used to go around denying it, knowing that Buddy was a natural player. Sure, he studied with me, but he didn't come to me to learn how to hold the drumsticks. I set out to teach Buddy to read. He'd take six lessons, go on the road for six weeks and come back. He didn't have time to practice."
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