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Chet Atkins
1942? - 1996 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. Rakuten.. Hype Machine.. country, rock and roll, folk, rockabilly
Years from now, after I'm gone, someone will listen to what I've done and know I was here. They may not know or care who I was, but they'll hear my guitars speaking for me.
Laurindo Almeida
1917 - 1995 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. Rakuten.. Hype Machine.. brazilian guitarist, classical, bossa nova
The following year he won Grammy Awards for Best Classical Performance - Instrumental Soloist or Duo and Best Contemporary Classical Composition.
George Benson
1943 - Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. You Tube.. Amazon.. Rakuten.. Hype Machine.. smooth, funk, r&b, pop
Miles Davis employed Benson's talents in the mid 1960s; Benson played guitar on "Paraphernalia".
Kenny Burrell
1931 -
Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. You Tube.. My Space.. Amazon.. Rakuten.. bebop, blues, cool
"My goal is to play with good tone, good phrasing and to swing," says Burrell, "I strive for honesty in playing what I feel."
Charlie Byrd
1925 - 1999 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. You Tube.. Amazon.. Rakuten.. Hype Machine.. smooth, funk, r&b, pop
It was said he could play a Bach Cantata with the same ease as a Gershwin song, but he delivered each in its own unique way.
Billy Bauer
allaboutjazz.. artistdirect.. Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. cool
Andy was a good accompanist; he backed me up very nicely, never got in my way. Some guys play well but they get in your way all of the time. Andy let me play.
Benny Chong
19?? - My Space.. imges/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. jazz ukulele player
In the field of solo 'ukulele playing, the number of recording artists who specialize in jazz can be counted on one hand. Bill Tapia and Lyle Ritz are two names that immediately come to mind. Now with this historic CD, Benny Chong's name can be officially added to that "endangered" list.
Charlie Christian
1916 - 1942 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. swing, big band, bebop
Gene Lees writes that "many critics and musicians consider that Christian was one of the founding fathers of bebop, or if not that, at least a precursor to it."
Takahashi Chikuzan
19210 - 1998 images/Google.. Amazon.. Wikipedia(eng).. Wikipedia(jpn).. You Tube.. 二代目 高橋竹山.. 高橋竹山・資料室.. Tsugaru-jamisen,shamisen,traditional
まるで魂の探知器ででもあるかのように、聴衆の心の共鳴音を手繰り寄せてしまう。名匠と呼ばずして何であろう ~ ニューヨーク・タイムズ
Tal Farlow
1921 - 1998 images/Google.. Amazon.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. iTunes Store.. mainstream, bebop, cool
His huge hands and ability to play rapid yet light lines, which earned him the nickname "Octopus", made him one of the top guitarists of the era.
Grant Green
1935 - 1979
Amazon.. You Tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. Hype Machine.. images/Google.. hard bop, soul jazz, bebop, latin
George Benson said he would turn all the bass and treble off the amp, and max the midrange. This way he could get his signature punchy, biting tone.
Charlie Haden
1937 -
Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. Wikipedia(eng).. Hype Machine.. free, mainstream, post-bop, hard bop
"The whole underlying theme for the new to communicate honest, human values, and in doing that to try to improve the quality of life"

Jim Hall
1924 - 2001 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. MP3 Music Downloads.. Hype Machine.. cool,post-bop
Hall moved to Los Angeles where he began to attract national, and then international, attention in the late 1950s. There he studied classic guitar with Vincente Gomez.
Antonio Carlos Jobim
1927 - 1994 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. Rakuten.. latin, songwriter, composer, arranger, singer, pianist, guitarist
A key event in making Jobim's music known in the English speaking world was his collaboration with the American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz,
Ronny Jordan
1962 - Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. Hype Machine.. acid, crossover, funk, smooth, soul-r&b, urban, europe, pop
By the mid-90s he had disassociated himself with the acid-jazz movement, commenting that "the way I see acid-jazz, it's more of a fashion statement and I'm not really about that".
Earl Klugh
1954 - Amazon.. Rakuten.. You Tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. My Space.. smooth, fusion, pop
Oh, I'm still learning. I don't know if there's a peak level. There's so much more I want to do. That's the fun thing about playing guitar.

1925 - images/Google.. Amazon.. Rkuten.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. blues guitarist, singer-songwriter
Rolling Stone magazine named him the third-greatest guitarist of "the 100 greatest guitarists of all time". King is a licensed pilot, a known gambler, a vegetarian, non-drinker, and non-smoker.
Barney Kessel
1923 - 2004 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. You Tube.. Amazon.. Hype Machine.. pop,a "first call" guitarist for studio,
Throughout the 1950s he maintained a phenomenal output, both in jazz and high level studio work.
Jake Langley
1973 - Amazon.. You Tube.. My Space.. images/Google.. jazz, soul
Of this recording, which Langley also produced, he says, “We wanted to explore some of our funky roots, and just have some fun. It really is a “blowing” session. The tunes were written to get your toes tapping and your head bouncing.”
Wes Montgomery
1923-1968 Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. Rakuten.. You Tube.. images/Google.. soul, contemporary, crossover, mainstream, pop, hard bop
"Wes had a corn on his thumb, which gave his sound that point. He would get one sound for the soft parts, and then that point by using the corn.…" -George Benson
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