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Toshiko Akiyoshi
1929 - Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. Rkuten.. images/Google.. You Tube.. bebop, hardbop, pianist, composer, arranger, bandleader
Akiyoshi has spoken of approaching her arrangements vertically, voicing each chord individually, which contrasts with the philosophy advocated by Herb Pomeroy, Bob Florence, and others, of writing phrases in a linear fashion.
Albert Ammons
1907 - 1949 Amazon.. images/Google.. Wikipedia(eng).. Hype Machine.. You Tube.. blues,boogie-woogie
Ammons was a player of boogie-woogie, a bluesy jazz style that swept the United States from the late 1930s into the mid 1940s.
Dave Brubeck
1920 - Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. Rakuten.. images/Google.. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. west coast, third stream
"I want to thank all of you because this honor is something that I never expected. Now I am going to play a cold piano with cold hands," Brubeck stated.
Ray Bryant
1931 - Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. Rakuten.. images/Google.. You Tube.. funk,bebop
Bryant has accompanied many other leading players such as Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Melba Liston, and Coleman Hawkins, as well as singers Carmen McRae and Aretha Franklin.

Kenny Barron
1943 - Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. images/Google.. You Tube.. finetune.. Hype Machine.. smooth , bebop,
Kenny Barron's unmatched ability to mesmerize audiences with his elegant playing, sensitive melodies and infectious rhythms is what inspired the Los Angeles Times to name him "one of the top jazz pianists in the world" and Jazz Weekly to call him "The most lyrical piano player of our time."
Walter Bishop Jr.
1927 - 1998 Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. Hype Machine.. You Tube.. images/Google.. bebop,hardbop,70s,fusion
Bishop authored an insightful if neglected book on jazz theory, A Study in Fourths, in which he proffered a technique of chromatic improvisation based on the use of cycles of fourths and fifths.
Sonny Clark
1931 - 1963 Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. Amazon.. Rakuten.. images/Google.. Hype Machine.. hardbop
A drug addict, Clark died of a heroin overdose in New York City. Close friend and fellow jazz pianist Bill Evans dedicated the composition "NYC's No Lark" (an anagram of "Sonny Clark") to him after his death, included on Evans' Conversations with Myself
Chick Corea
1941 - Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. Rakuten.. images/Google.. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. fusion, post bop, contemporary
"The concept of communication with an audience became a big thing for me at the time. The reason I was using that concept so much at that point in my life -in 1968, 1969 or so- was because it was a discovery for me."
Tadd Dameron
1917 - 1965 Amazon.. images/Google.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. bop,composer,arranger,bebop,post-bop,big band
Saxophonist Dexter Gordon called Dameron the "romanticist" of the bop movement while reviewer Scott Yanow writes that Dameron was the "definitive arranger/composer of the bop era".
Kenny Drew
1928 - 1993
hardbop.tripod.. Amazon.. images/Google.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. post-bop, hardbop, mainstream
Kenny Drew was a well known figure on the Copenhagen jazz scene, recording many sessions with the Danish bassist Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen.
Bill Evans
1929 - 1980 Amazon.. Rakuten.. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. images/Google.. Wikipedia(eng).. modal, hardbop, third stream, cool
Davis wrote in his autobiography, "Bill had this quiet fire that I loved on piano. The way he approached it, the sound he got was like crystal notes or sparkling water cascading down from some clear waterfall."
Tommy Flanagan
1930 - 2001 Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. Amazon.. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. bop, hardbop, mainstream
"... Flanagan is the finest lyric pianist around..."- David Grogan - People Magazin

Don Friedman
1935 - Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. free, classical
Now a resident in New York City, he is an internationally known pianist, shuttling between New York and Europe for appearances in festivals, concerts and clubs.
Antonio Farao
1965 -
Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. images/Google.. You Tube.. postbop,fusion,bop
And it seems to me that Antonio is on his way to develop his very own language and his own conception of trio playing: He is looking ahead and not too much into the past. He puts his creative energy into innovation - although with deep respect for the great masters."
Bent Fabric
1924 - Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. images/Google.. Amazon.. pop,classical
In 2003, Fabricius-Bjerre returned to the charts, this time in his native Denmark. He released the album Jukebox as Bent Fabric, where he worked with critically acclaimed Danish musicians.
Red Garland
1923 - 1984
npr.. Rakuten.. images/Google.. Amazon.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. Hype Machine.. hardbop
"A short early career as a welterweight boxer did not seem to hurt his playing hands. He fought a young Sugar Ray Robinson before making the switch to a full-time musician.
Erroll Garner
1921 - 1977 Amazon.. Rakuten.. images/Google.. Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. allmusic.. bop, swing, composer
I always play what I feel. I always feel like me, but I'm a different me every day. I get ideas from everything. A big color, the sound of water and wind, or a flash of something cool. Playing is like life. Either you feel it or you don't.
Benny Green
1963 - Amazon.. You Tube.. Wikipedia(eng).. images/Google.. bop, new orleans
Benny Green could be the monster pianist of the twenty-first century." - Brackeen
Dave Grusin
1934 - Wikipedia(eng).. Amazon.. You Tube.. images/Google.. Hype Machine.. smooth, fusion, composer
In his soundtrack work he has forged a signature sound of largely strings- and piano-dominated, through-composed themes with a solid melodic foundation, often injecting strong jazz sensibilities and fusing pop and classical stylings.
Sir Roland Hanna
1932 - 2002 Wikipedia(eng).. You Tube.. images/Google.. swing, bop
His amazingly varied career includes serving as Sarah Vaugh's musical director, anchoring the Rosengarden Orchestra on the Dick Cavett show, touring with a classical quartet performing his cello compostitions, forming the New York Jazz Quartet, while writing over 400 compositions and recording over 40 albums.
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